Recently I heard a man say that the translators got it wrong…


Now this opens up a lot of issues.


First, if they got it wrong here, what else did they get wrong?


As we have relied on the translators for our understanding of Salvation… Are we really saved?


And, why, in a millennia hasn’t anyone else caught it? Why in 20 or 30 commentaries does not one mention this issue.


So, I got to digging and the below is what I came up with. I have since verified my methodology with a professor at South Eastern.


When asked about this, the man told me we’d talk about it. Never has…


If you think English is fun you ought to try the Hebrew where word order is not the main issue. J


            The Hebrew narrative uses a lot of Strong’s H559, “and, he said”. This makes it hard to follow the narrative unless you break it into the narrative tit-for-tat.


Gen 32:24  And JacobH3290 was leftH3498 alone;H905 and there wrestledH79 a manH376 withH5973 him untilH5704 the breakingH5927 of the day.H7837 


Gen 32:25  And when he sawH7200 thatH3588 he prevailedH3201 notH3808 against him, he touchedH5060 the hollowH3709 of his thigh;H3409 and the hollowH3709 of Jacob'sH3290 thighH3409 was out of joint,H3363 as he wrestledH79 withH5973 him. 


What we know so far:

1.       Jacob wrestled with someone through the whole night

2.      Whoever it was caused Jacob’s Thigh to go out of joint. Because, Jacob would not touch his own thigh and put it out of joint.


Working backwards from 32:30 and replacing Angel for Voice ‘a’ and Jacob for Voice ‘b’ we have the following.


Gen 32:26  (Voice a) And the Angel said,H559 Let me go,H7971 forH3588 the dayH7837 breaketh.H5927

These have to be two separate people because it simply doesn’t make sense for the same person to both ask to be let go and say I will not.

 (Voice b) And Jacob said,H559 I will notH3808 let thee go,H7971 exceptH3588 H518 thou blessH1288 me. 


Gen 32:27 (Voice a) And the Angel saidH559 untoH413 him, WhatH4100 is thy name?H8034

Obviously, the angel is asking Jacob what is your name because it is Jacob (specifically called out) who answers.

(Voice b) And Jacob said,H559 Jacob.H3290 

Here the angel has to be answering because Jacob couldn’t change his own name, could he?

Gen 32:28  (Voice a) And the Angel said,H559 Thy nameH8034 shall be calledH559 noH3808 moreH5750 Jacob,H3290 butH3588 H518 Israel:H3478 forH3588 as a prince hast thou powerH8280 withH5973 GodH430 and withH5973 men,H376 and hast prevailed.H3201 

If Jacob is answering the above with a question, would he question himself?

Gen 32:29  (Voice b) And JacobH3290 askedH7592 him, and said,H559 TellH5046 me, I pray thee,H4994 thy name.H8034

Jacob asks a question… Does it make sense that he would answer himself.

(Voice a) And the Angel said,H559 WhereforeH4100 is itH2088 that thou dost askH7592 after my name?H8034 And he blessedH1288 him there.H8033 

Jacob doesn’t get answer as to the man’s name… So he names the place himself.

Gen 32:30 (Voice b) And JacobH3290 calledH7121 the nameH8034 of the placeH4725 Peniel:H6439 forH3588 I have seenH7200 GodH430 faceH6440 toH413 face,H6440 and my lifeH5315 is preserved.H5337