Short Notes, Papers, & Sermon Concepts

24 October 1998 The First Step (You Must Be Born-Again!)

This is a Basic Introduction to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

10 October 1998 The Next Step

Here are some Principles for Christian Growth.

April 18, 2010 1352 The Need For Revival - Take Two

In my Previous writing, What If He Tarries?, way back in 1998, I asked what would America be like if we didn't have a bona fide revival... Well... I guess... Now we know!

May 30, 2016 Is The Christian Life Really All That Hard?

I have heard a lot of talk about how hard the Christian Life is… I don’t think it’s all that hard, at least not any harder than anyone else has it.

June 17, 2007 Submission and Discipleship

Here are a few thoughts on Submission and Discipleship

June 10, 2007 7:30pm The Purpose of the Church

This topic has been on my heart for a while and, so, I decided I'd better get started...

March 5, 2017 Jacob Wrestles

I recently had a man tell me that the translators got it wrong. Here are my thoughts, the passage and my solution.

June 10, 2007 Works of Service

These are some initial thoughts on Works of Service and impacts on the family.

2007-MAY-26 Healing - More complete than we ever thought!

Some Musings after hearing a short Bible Study on James 5:13-16 ...

2007-MAY-26 Horses and The Body of Christ

Some Musings contrasting Western and English riding and how it relates to Walking in The Spirit...

2007-JAN-23 The Theology of "The Ant Bully"

An Illustration...

25 June 2006 Swiss Cheese Faith

An Illustration...

06 May 2006 Gossip

A few initial and incomplete thoughts...

21 March 2006 Passion In Worship - 1

Some scattered thoughts on the importance of being "Militant in Praise; Passionate in Worship; and Combative in Prayer"...

21 March 2006 True Worship

Originally written and blogged these are some thoughts on 'True Worship'...

09 October 2005 Passion in Worship

This is a meandering of thoughts, that may become an article later...

09 October 2005 Stir Up The Gift

This is a sermon I delivered in March of 2005 at Calvary Chapel of Aiken.

29 November 1998 A Revolution of Love - by George Verwer

This is the premier article from Operation Mobilization's Leader George Verwer. Operation Mobilization

02 November 1998 Hebrews 4:16

Here's a one page outline for Hebrews 4:16.

02 November 1998 Romans 10:17

Here's a one page outline for Romans 10:17.

02 November 1998 Contrasts

Here's a one page outline for Revival contrasting Saints of old with saints of now.

09 September 1998 Fallow Ground

This is based on what I believe to have been a Prophetic to Word to the Church.

05 September 1998 Here, I Stand (originally titled: 'I Am A Soldier' by Pastor Cindye Coates M.Div.)

Passed out at work and makes a great Battle Cry and call to arms... Pastor Cindye had this to say about the poem: 'I wrote the poem when I was almost about to leave the ministry. I was not being received as a leader due to my gender. This was a poem of declaration as a soldier in the army of God.' It still makes a great 'call to arms' for both genders because, in Christ there is neither male nor female.

23 August 1998 United We Stand, Divided?

Written in January of 1992 and based on John 17, the troubling question is raised as to whether we have made Jesus' prayer of none effect.

01 June 1998 An Open Letter to a Wounded Eagle

There are many “Wounded Eagles" in the Body of Christ. Hopefully, this will provide a bit of hope and encouragement to both the wounded and the Pastors that must deal with them.

01 May 1998 The Called of God

Here is a short note on the called of God, and a question.

01 April 1998 What if He Tarries?

With all the emphasis on Jesus' soon return, have you ever considered the possibility that the Bridegroom may delay His coming? If so, then we must have revival.... Now!

01 April 1998 Blanket Forgiveness -or- Unconditional Forgiveness... Fact or Fiction?

In dealing with the issue of forgiveness I would like you to first consider the legal issues regarding forgiveness then, in closing, the area of Grace and forgiveness.

01 April 1998 Ways you can Help your Pastor

Several practical ways you can help your pastor, adapted from an article by Pastor John L. Eller.

01 April 1998 Honesty and Positive Confession

Little did I realize just how deep the effect of this teaching would go on the classical Christianity of today, or how prophetic my own unheeded warnings would be.

01 April 1998 Through the Roof!

When someone needs to be healed, whose faith does the job? When was the last time you clawed your way through the heavenlies for another?

01 April 1998 Keels

What is the foundation for your faith? Here is a short nautical analogy.

01 April 1998 Some Contemporary Music Notes

Music as the universal language has the potential to bring people closer to Jesus or drive them far away. Our attitude towards musician either bring healing or destruction.

01 April 1998 Goals for a Praise and Worship TEAM

Here are a few achievable goals for a Music Ministry.

01 April 1998 Some basic concepts in the administration of a music ministry

Here are some ideas for allowing the 'Song Service" minister to the congregation.

01 April 1998 Petting and the Christian Teen

There are some real dangers for Christians in the dating game. This rough draft gives a warning based on a personal testimony.


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